Workout Trainer Android App Review
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Let’s face it running & exercise is so boring. Thanks for an article that I had read from a magazine, which basically says that if you can’t do more than 70 push-ups in 4 minutes than your fitness level is just ‘’average’’ it’s really a disappointment for me because I immediately start push ups & merely reach on 65. After this I continually thinking that my fitness level not even into the range of average. Perhaps in my mind I promise me personally I could be better than average. Now the workout is my passion & the obsession of my mind. A couple of weeks ago I started telling to myself that I’d be getting into tiptop shape before the end of 2014. As we all know self-motivating promises are so useful in short term tasks, believe me I have been exercising. I know I’m not exercising in a proper way because without guidance of coach it’s so difficult to workout at home. Suddenly a couple of days ago browsing on a Google Play store I found workout trainer app, trust me I’m getting the best shape of my life with thousands of free workout tips & training  programs that helps me to archive my goals without go to gym. To be honest if you want a certified trainer guide app or a coach who never charge a single buck, motivate you through step by step workout training sessions or setting up meal plans & even more. Perhaps the workout trainer app is the ultimate fitness companion app powered by Skimble’s Inc. Here’s with the help of workout trainer app you can chose your area of focus where’s you want to lose some pounds. The truly comprehensive workout trainer app guide you through exercise with timed, it also provides you step by step audio & visual instructions. Although the workout trainer app is the most compact app which is your true motivator & encourage you with great ideas & tips. Wherever you are at home or gym use workout trainer app fluently, whenever you’re doing such as; bodybuilding (push ups, crunches) lifting weight & much more get brief instructions. However you can use the ground breaking app to get six packs, weight loses, practice yoga, improve running stamina & even more.


After writing the in-depth review on the above lines, let me share the major features of workout trainer app with my passionate readers who want to shape up an athletic body.

  • Signup for New Workout trainer Skimble’s account
  • Already have a Skimble’s account than simply sign in
  • The Best trainer who boost you to achieve your fitness goals
  • Use wherever you are at gym or home
  • Ideal for those people who want to get in shape
  • Huge List of exercises
  • No need to placed costly exercise equipments at home
  • Superb for those who enjoy ‘’TABATA’’
  • Timed workout
  • Cross fit WOD
  • Interval training
  • Watch instructional videos
  • See Photos in HD that explain each move with closest details
  • Follow the workout with audio instructions
  • Get the Progress cues
  • Simply create & edit workout sessions
  • Get customize experience
  • Totally free virtual fitness consultation wizard
  • Share your workout via email as well as at social networking websites such as; Facebook/Twitter/ Google Plus
  • View new workout tricks
  • Try recommended workout from community
  • Discover the huge community of exercises
  • See a new workout every day at widget
  • Set Home screen widget which is so light & convenient
  • Refresh your senses with delightful Music
  • You can simply play your favorite music while working out
  • View 1000’s of multimedia workouts
  • Expert coaches will help you at each step
  • Achieve your fitness goals by following the instructions of experts
  • Every time you open a workout window the trainer shows you audio & visual trainings with calories burner
  • If you want to work out Like;  elbow & knee bird dogs, watch step by step video & follow the audio/visual orders
  • The main workout page showcase you following options such as; (Browse) (Filter) (Featured) (Shakecaiser) (Liked) (Created) (Search bar) (Menu) etc
  • View workout programs with thumbnails
  • The program menu shows you your current, featured & purchase programs
  • Join the community of other users at the forum of Skimble’s
  • The Forum window display following topics  for instance; (Recent topics) (Active Topics) (Watched topics) (Add topic) (Search Topic) etc
  • View workout of the week
  • Find your friends & get connect with each other
  • Friend finder allows you to find friends from facebook, twitter, Google plus & also from contacts
  • Pause & rewind any session as many times as you want
  • Browse exercises such as; ( weight lose) (Weight Lifting) (Cardio) (Full body) (Running) (Yoga) & even more

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • Samsung:               Galaxy S4 l9506
  • ZTE                           Grand Memo II LTE
  • ACCER:                    LIQUED E3
  • MOTROLA:             Moto XT1058
  • LG:                            OPTIMUS G2 D802
  • Lenovo                    S850
  • HTC:                         ONE Max
  • T-MOBILE:             ONE Touch Idol S
  • ACCER:                    LIQUED E3
  • SONY:                      Xperia Z ultra C6802
  • GOOGLE:                Nexus 5/Nexus 7 tab
  • HUAWEI:                ASCEND P6