Google Search Android App Review
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To be honest the Google Now search is a fastest accurate & powerful tool which understands the natural language quires. Unfortunately the Google Now search is an easiest way to find what you need on the web or from your smart phone/ smart tab. Perhaps the Google Now predict everything in advance what you want to search in the form of cards. Although you can select the cards from range of categories such as weather card, stocks GDP, currency, sports card, location navigation card & even more. You can use Google Now offline mode to search the content inside your smart phone or tab, for instance; search apps, Browser bookmark or history, Chrome Bookmarks & history, contacts, text massages and Music. You can also search the content from the wide range of other Android apps. Essentially the Google Now packed with tremendous features, here’s the method of searching is very prodigious & straightforward. You can search with text or voice input, the Google Now with its great sense automatically complete your search quires & show you accurate result within milliseconds. With Google Now it’s so essay to send a text massage to your friend without type, just open Google Now & say “send text to Harry I’m going to be late” instantly Google Now will display the card with massage & the recipient all you have to do is hit the send button.

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Here’s I would like to specify the extraordinary features of Google Now Search. 

  • At the very 1st step sign in with Google account
  • Get the most personalized results based on your location
  • Quickly search anything you want to know
  • The Highly remarkable “Time to leave” element up-to date you with weather, location & other updates
  • Use the most personalized word “Ok Google” conveniently at the end of result
  • Get the TV-lineup & video on demand cards in Google Now page (require configuration)
  • Get the notifications of nearby events via Google Cards
  • The highly accurate navigation system automatically show you the route map from place to place you traveled, such as; office to home, home to collage or vice versa
  • Ask any question in your native language, don’t worry if you are not good in English
  • The Google now support more than 50 famous languages which are use globally
  • The Google Now continually working to add more languages in their system for convenient use of people worldwide
  • With Offline voice recognition system you can use Google Now without Internet
  • You can block offensive words from settings
  • Search everything from inside your smart phone, you don’t need to swipe menu to menu to search apps just type keyword or speak the app name & instantly Google will display your desire app
  • Search your favorite text massage or article you saved as a note, here’s everything possible
  • Explore nearby restaurant & cafes & directly navigate through Google Now
  • Let Google use your device contacts to understand who you’re trying to reach
  • The most intriguing feature is reminder, by using this you can set to-do’s or events & the Google will notify you,
  • you can add  sports teams, places, stocks & much more to get notifications
  • Type or speak any word to search content or chose specific category from bottom swiping menu & explore directly
  • The bottom menu display following  categories for instance; web, Images, News, maps, shopping, Books, videos, applications and Phone inside
  • Set the Google Now search shortcut at lock screen
  • You can also set the  ground breaking Google Now search widget at home screen for essay access

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • SONY:                                                Xperia Z ultra C6802
  • GOOGLE:                                          Nexus 5
  • Samsung:                                         Galaxy S4 l9506
  • HTC:                                                  ONE Max
  • T-MOBILE:                                       MY TOUCH
  • ACCER:                                             LIQUED E3
  • LG:                                                     OPTIMUS G2 D802
  • HUAWEI:                                          ASCEND P6
  • MOTROLA:                                      Moto XT1058


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