GOOGLE Play Newsstand Android App Review
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App Review:-

If you are also one of those who were addicted to read news in daily newspaper, than you have very good news which I’m sure will excite you, as well as help you to save considerable amount of money that for sure you have spending monthly on the purchase of news papers. But here’s one more thing you may require a smart phone running android, well android is a open source mobile OS or platform which fully developed by Google Inc, it’s so flexible & allow users to install as much apps & games into their mobile as they want directly through in-build Google play store. Beyond any question Google play store has so many apps which tag under News & magazine but the most downloaded app is Google very own Play newsstand.

google_play Newsstand Banner

The Google newsstand app has completed by the competent team of Google’s developers. Currently Google has started rolling out the final update of Play newsstand app which has something for everyone. Believe me guys Google has just change the overall idea of news paper reading as it provide you a similar looking electronic news paper, in fact news of several news papers within a same place. Google has gathered latest News from mega news groups has established globally.

Once the users will boot newsstand app at first they’ll ask to add Google account afterward everything will be done by Google’s own sense. However at the launch Google Play Newsstand pops up with a welcome message & than it’ll display you categories to choose as per your interest. No doubt Google Play Newsstand is a new app which allow you to enjoy your favorite news, like; local, political, world, science, lifestyle, educational, business, sports, finance, weather, & even more. Users can not only read latest news gathered from several news channels but they can also get the updates of blogs, and magazines. No two ways about the very well designed Google Newsstand app fully replaces old class news papers. Users can discover more of the news and magazines at Google Newsstand. The user-interface of play newsstand is truly sleek, & rich with gestures support, although while using Play newsstand user may experience they’re reading content from truly vibrant full HD magazine/newspaper.


  • Join Google community of publishers
  • Easily sign up with current Google account
  • Make new account
  •  Manage the overall idea to read news
  • Content regarding to happen all there
  •  Easy to follow
  • Real time reading experience
  • Various means to share
  • Explore channels
  • Browse news publishers
  • Enjoy anywhere in Offline Mode
  • Content localization
  • Each news story and magazine is available to read
  • Whether read online or simply save as offline
  • Simply bookmark stuff as you read them
  • Download content on to your device or afterward convenient
  • Newsstand enables users to subscribe to specific topics of interest
  • Get instant notifications
  • Read news stories
  •  Explore from categories
  • Add new news sources to your list from Newsstand
  • Leave a review in the same way you leave an app review on the Play Store
  • Like & comment upon topics
  • Check all the news source which worth subscribing
  • Fantastic Wish list feature
  • Predominantly used for apps has been brought into Newsstand for users to
  • Add news sources and specific issues of magazines
  • News stories can now be shared to other users by using the Share feature
  • Share button always located at the top of the app
  • A great way of getting others to read the latest headlines
  • Find more of the articles with refresh button
  • Discover new ones you will love from search bar
  • Explore categories, for instance;  Arts & Photography, Business & Finance, Food & Drink sports, fashion and more
  • Subscribe to get topics
  •  Tagged articles that interest you most
  • Bookmark any news story
  • No ads
  • Display stuff in High definition


  • Better than Flipboard and Pocket
  • Digital news library
  • Streams reliably from
  • easy-to-navigate card style interface
  •  Handy functionalities
  • Advanced digital tools
  • Responsive app
  • Stunning performance


Very Basic elements

Final verdicts;-

As per my expertise I can say with confidence Google play newsstand is a wonderful app which is an exceptional replacement of local newspapers & magazine. Despite the facts Google always care about all its users, so it makes an app which is actually a world of information.  So I personally recommend you to start experiencing the ground breaking features of Google play newsstand app if you love to enjoy reading, such as; breaking news, in-depth articles, featuring multimedia visual content, audio, video interviews, sports, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion reviews, blogs & much more.

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;


  • Samsung:               Galaxy S5
  • SONY:                        Xperia Z-2
  • MOTROLA:           Moto G-4g
  • LG:                       OPTIMUS G3
  • HUAWEI:            ASCEND P7
  • ACCER:                    LIQUED x1
  • ZTE:                   Grand memo ii
  • HTC:                          ONE m8
  • GOOGLE:                 Nexus 5


  • You can  install it from Google play store
  • Open play store app in your smart phone
  • Swipe the menu to see categories
  • Select  News & magazine  
  • Now open the app & click the button to install

Give it a try & Enjoy its exceptional features