Google Now Launcher Android App Review
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App Review:-

From years Google working hard to provide people with some exceptional performing products they’ve just imagine. If we talk in term of recent development Google is the leader with Android & several other products. In latest update Google try to show the world that Google’s main motive is not on OS level but he also want something which more close it with individuals. In this scenario Google has launched his very own android home screen personalization app know as Google Now launcher it actually the modification of Google experience launcher. As we know various mega brands modify Android with their own sense sometimes for people convenient or other time shows the people that they’re different from other brands, fortunately from years this now become the identity of brands, just like; Samsung with Touch-wiz, LG with Optimums UI, and Sony with Times cap, along with HTC with sense UI. Google just want to shows the android users that how they can experience custom android features which are actually the base of Android UI (user interface). Google Now launcher can serve as an intelligent home screen replacement back to experience custom usability of android. As people wish to enjoy it with latest Google powered Nexus devices. However Google now launcher comes with fully packed, sleekly optimize more reliable Google Search app. At first user may feel they’re de facto using Google Now search rather than Now launcher, that’s what powers & done by Google. No doubt Android device may look and feels completely different with aforesaid launcher. An Upgrade Google Now launcher app provides swipe features, user have always choice to use primary home screen launcher or Google now. Users can simply swipe right to access Google Now cards, swipe left to other screens for widgets. The Google powered fully optimize now launcher will use less ram to boost the overall performance of device. Now search via swiping gesture also give you the right information, at just the right time.

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  • Google vanilla on your home screen
  •  Enjoy exceptionally easier features
  • Get just the right information at just the right time
  • Just say “Ok Google & enter in the world of Google
  • Any time active through Google Now search & Google Chrome
  • Swipe from home screen to navigate through screen to screen
  • Experience content directly through widgets
  • Use seven Home screen
  •  Say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input
  • Say your search query
  • You even don’t need to touch your screen just tell your phone what to do
  • Send a text message, get directions, or play a song all & even more just telling
  • Fastest search
  • Query immediately.
  • Easy access to favorite Google products and services
  • Open Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and Maps from main screen
  •  Larger viewing area
  • Display everything broad
  • Status and navigation bars are now translucent
  •  Wallpaper will pops from every pixel
  • • Intuitive wallpaper picker
  • Select any image that’s stored on your device & make it wallpaper
  • Position and preview your wallpaper before you set


  • Easy to setup
  • Extremely simple
  • Stunning layout
  • Intuitive transactions
  • Battery friendly
  • Memory efficient
  • Full featured packed support for other Google products
  • Completely free Available for almost all latest devices


Available on Google Play store at free of charge but only supports devices own Android 4.1 & grater version. No external themes & icon support.

Final verdicts;-

Google Now Launcher has ability to dramatically altering your home screen for the better & vanilla android experience. In addition it will look and feel so simple yet precise, people may feel they’re using a fully customize device with professional android touch. Perhaps if you’re looking to simplify your phone & its long lasting lifetime performance you’ve literally found the right app known as Google Now Launcher.

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;


  • HUAWEI:           ASCEND P7
  • ZTE:                  Grand memo ii
  • Samsung:               Galaxy S5
  • SONY:                       Xperia Z-2
  • GOOGLE:                 Nexus 5
  • ACCER:               LIQUED x1
  • MOTROLA:          Moto G-4g
  • LG:                      OPTIMUS G3
  • HTC:                          ONE m8


  • You can  install it from Google play store
  • Open play store app in your smart phone
  • Swipe the menu to see categories
  • Select  Personalization
  • Now open the app & click the button to install

Give it a try & Enjoy its exceptional features