Feedly Android App Review
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Exceptionally the Feedly is one of the best RSS Feed app, it reasonably gather all the news from well known News sources or blogs & presents in an attractive manner. Its bright sensational colors, outlines & sans-serif typefaces give it a modern look. The big high quality images, dazzling visuals, creative layout feels like a dream while reading news/articles or watching videos.


 My admiring readers I would like to specify the crucial features of Feedly.

  • However the feedly gives you plenty of options such as; manage its layout, behavior, mark, reading style, viewing categories etc
  • Freedly make experience of articles reading faster & easier via aggregated the content of different sites & present it in optimize & faster manner
  • The feedly UI is very sleek & intuitive which optimize by its own sense to showcase the  content in magazine style, no matter you are using the app in a landscape or portrait mood
  • Don’t worry if you are using same account in a phone or tablet the feedly automatically configure & sync among both devices
  • It gather all the content from well know news sources, blogs, RSS feeds, magazines & transformed into the pocket size cards which make your browsing experience faster than before
  • Here’s you can sign in with Google plus account
  • You can simply search your favorite stuff by typing the keywords in the search bar
  • The feedly display popular search categorize on the sliding menu for Instance: Tech, business, gaming, cooking, photography, fashion, cinema and sports etc
  • The feedly menu also showcase videos content from famous websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Etsy
  • You can save everything for later use by simply tapping on add button
  • You can share all the stuff with your friends & family by pressing on share button which display at the top
  • Magically you can save your favorite stuff into pocket or Google drive for offline reading
  • Perhaps, for convenient Use here’s everything on your fingertips by swiping up down left right you can navigate through content to content without go back to the sliding menu

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • SONY:                                                Xperia Z ultra C6802
  • GOOGLE:                                          Nexus 5
  • Samsung:                                         Galaxy S4 l9506
  • HTC:                                                  ONE Max
  • T-MOBILE:                                       MY TOUCH
  • ACCER:                                             LIQUED E3
  • LG:                                                     OPTIMUS G2 D802
  • HUAWEI:                                          ASCEND P6
  • MOTROLA:                                      Moto XT1058


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